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Hello friends!

My name is Adeline Mansilla. I am based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I love composing stationery layouts with pretty dainty arts, so here you may find some printable as well as printed/shipped stationaries & lifestyle items for everyday use.

In my life as a Christian and one of Jehovah's Witnesses, trying to maintain a busy spiritual life need proper planning and scheduling. Although gadgets and apps helped a lot, I am fond of journal pages and planner sheets that are specific to Theocratic study. So, I've made ArtsyPaperieShoppe to share my designs with you. It makes me very happy when I know my designs could be useful for others too!

Some of my designs may feature clip-arts and patterns made by other professional artists from around the world, and are royalty-free and/or companied with an extended license as per term of use. If you have any questions about licensing, please contact me through my email: artsypaperieshoppe@gmail.com.

ArtsyPaperieShoppe has been a good mean of support for my family and helps put food on the table as well as supporting our ministry together and other spiritual goals. I am truly grateful for this blessing and for all of your support. I hope my designs can continue to encourage the use of pen and paper for a more elegant way of life organizing.

Stay awesome, Stay creative,

Adeline Mansilla


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