Our Ministry Tract & Contact Card Folders

Hey there!

I'm happy to share that our Tract Folders have just been restocked! I thought it'd be nice to share the story behind this product creation.

Have you ever been in a deep, meaningful chat while out in the ministry and thought, “Oh, where did I put that tract?” Yep, me too! It’s like trying to find that one sock that goes missing. Sometimes, our bags feel like a mini treasure hunt, right?



So, this got me thinking. We've got specific needs for our ministry activities, and while there are tons of general folders & organizers out there, not many feel 'just right' for us. It’s like having shoes; there are loads out there, but only a certain pair feels comfy and looks good. Wouldn’t it be great to have a practical organizer that fits just right for our tract and publications? This is what nudged me towards creating our very own Ministry Tract Folders.

Alright, I’m not saying I became some expert designer overnight, but with a little bit of trial and a whole lot of love, something wonderful took shape. 

The material? A soft duo-tone PU leather that feels so nice to touch. They're not too big, just around 13 x 25cm (or 5.1 x 9.8 inches). And here's a little touch I thought you might like: an embossed quote from our beloved Song 58, 'Searching for Friends of Peace’.  This a good motivational quote I personally really like. Oh, and guess what? I thought about how we want to keep things looking neat and scratch-free, so each folder gets its very own white calico protective pouch!

Color-wise, I played around a bit and settled on two shades: a gentle light grey and a classic dark grey. My hope is that you’ll find one that feels just right, whether for yourself or maybe even as a kind-hearted JW gift for someone dear. Now these folders are only made in limited batches and We might not restock them again anytime soon.

 So get them now while it's in stock!



Now, if you’re wondering, "But what if I'm not from Indonesia?" No worries! While these folders are lovingly crafted in Indonesia, they're ready to travel the world. Yep, we ship worldwide. So, whether you're nearby or oceans apart, these folders can find their way to you.

At the end of the day, these folders are more than just an item. For me, it's like sharing a little piece of my heart with you. 

So, what do you think? I genuinely hope you'll love these as much as I've loved creating the. Sending you a big, warm hug from Indonesia! 🌟



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