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Our Spiritual History & Heritage– JW boardgame full pack

Our Spiritual History & Heritage– JW boardgame full pack

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Play with friends and family!
Have a fun easy trivia quiz during family worship and get-togethers !

This is a flexible, cooperative game for 2-8 players/group, designed for Jehovah’s
Witnesses. Fun for families, friends, and can be played during Family Worship.
This game can be played by anyone of any age, but most recommended for those with at least some knowledge of Bible truths.

This game promotes skills such as:
⁃ Communication
⁃ Information Recall
⁃ Research Training
⁃ Imagination

Play time: Average of 20 minutes++ for 1 round.

This game focuses on the Action Cards, not the winning.
So players who completed their journey may still play and participate in the game.

What you'll get:
- Custom made magnetic flap premium game box.
- FULL PACK 300 premium Japanese linen game cards (50 Whiteboards, 50 Paradise Life, 100 Describe & 100 Trivia cards)
- How to Play Guidebook
- Game board
- 4 Dices d6
- 12 Meeples
- 2 Mini Drawing board
- 2 Erasable markers
- 5 unbleached cotton pouches to hold playing cards, meeples and dices

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