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This setup guide showcases our signature digital planner as a model. Get this planner here or discover more digital planning options from ArtsyPaperieShoppe.

Adeline from ArtsyPaperieShoppe: My Story


I've always had a passion for design. After dedicating four years of study to Visual Communication, I realized that the world of graphic design was vast, interconnected, and always evolving. My specific interest lay in the realm of Print and Stationery design, Digital Planners and Journals, Activities, and Games. However, as a lover of simplicity, I found myself increasingly drawn to digital products – a medium that allowed me to declutter and contribute to the digitizing world.


My journey with ArtsyPaperieShoppe.com began in 2016. I was seeking an outlet for my creativity – a way to build something of my own while serving full-time in the ministry. I'm a Type-A person who thrives on organization and order, and I needed a tool to help me manage the many roles I have in life. ArtsyPaperieShoppe.com was my solution. 



Unique and Purposeful Designs


I design my digital planners, journals, and other items to seamlessly blend spiritual and secular schedules. The ability to download and print these resources provides my customers with practicality, allowing them to stay organized while saving on material costs and shipping fees.


Often, my inspiration for these designs often comes from personal experiences. But I also like to connect to my customers and aim to create items that meet their needs while providing ample space for customization. When people use my products, I want them to feel seen, encouraged, understood, and fulfilled.


The Joy of Giving


One of my favorite aspects of my business is creating custom-made ministry supplies or gifts, both as physical products and printable templates people can use to develop their own products. Our community places a high value on expressing love and appreciation through gift-giving, and I'm happy to be able to contribute to that. From small souvenirs to spiritual organizers, I pour love and thought into each unique piece.




Looking Ahead


As we grow, I hope ArtsyPaperieShoppe.com will become a staple name in our community, known for quality, innovation, and beautiful designs that spark joy. As technology continues to evolve, my aim is to grow with it, introducing new digital products and finding fresh ways to incorporate design into practical items.


Despite the challenges that come with running a small business, I've learned the value of taking things slowly and steadily, focusing on the positive, and staying true to my Bible-based principles. With the support and input from my customers and community, I've been able to overcome obstacles and continue growing.


Inviting You to Join the Journey


I'd love for you to join me on this journey. Whether you're new to digital downloads or a seasoned pro, I invite you to try my free digital planner! I promise, once you discover the versatility of digital planning, you'll be as excited as I was when it first clicked for me!


In conclusion, enjoy the pleasure & results of your fine labor. Amidst the distractions of today's world, remember the power of proper planning, organization, and meditation. With these tools, you can focus on what matters and reach your most important goals!







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